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  • I'm new to filmmaking... where do I start?
    Take a look at the resources page, there's a great collection of free tools and resources to help get you started!
  • Can I use VO from the films, games and shows?"
    As long as the VO isn't used throughout the entire video and is used to further the plot of the film, you're allowed to use brief segments of official VO. E.g. Characters lip syncing a scene from a Star Wars movie as your entire short is not allowed, but using lines of dialogue in something like a force vision or a character remembering the past is allowed.
  • Can I submit an existing short film I made?
    No. The film cannot have been released before July 18th 2021. Your film must have been worked on at some point between July 18th - September 18th.
  • Can my film be slightly over 3 minutes?
    No, your film will be disqualified if it crosses the 3 minute threshold. Try cut out anything that's not 100% necessary to telling your story. And keep opening logos, titles and credits to a minimum as that is included in your final runtime.
  • Does my film need to be canon?
    Your film does not need to be limited by canon. You're welcome to make a film within the EU timeline.
  • When is the deadline?
    September 18th 2021 (Midnight UTC)
  • Can my film be R rated?
    No, your film must be appropriate for a YouTube audience.
  • Is there a minimum length the film has to be?
    No, as long as it doesn't exceed 3 minutes your film can be any length. Just make sure it's long enough to effectively tell your story.
  • Can my film win multiple awards?
    Each film can only win one category award as the prizes for the subcategories cross over with the main category prizes.
  • What music am I allowed to use?
    Your music must be copyright free to comply with YouTube's content ID system. If you're unsure, you can test your music by uploading it to YouTube as unlisted. You will receive a notification if it gets a copyright claim. Your music can contain Star Wars themes and motifs. But you cannot use existing music from the Films, Games or Shows. Any Star Wars themed music must be a fan made creation. E.g. You can use a fan made cover of the 'force theme' in your film but you can't use the actual track "Binary Sunset - John Williams (A New Hope)" If you're using fanmade music that wasn't created by someone in your team, you must make sure you have the appropriate permission to use the music in your film.
  • Can I use game assets & SFX in my animation?
    Yes, provided you credit the game.
  • Is the competition international?
    Yes, all prizes can be shipped internationally. However if your film is in another language, you must provide English subtitles.
  • What forms of animation are allowed?
    All forms of animation are allowed! 2D, 3D, Stop Motion, Hand Drawn, CGI, Motion Capture, Hand Keyed, Rotoscope, etc...
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